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Ranking the NL Central Managers: Sveum, Baker, Mills, Roenicke, Hurdle, Matheny

Managers get too much credit when a team does well and too much blame when his team struggles. It’s a refrain that’s heard frequently. Is it true? I suppose you could answer yes and no. Kind of the same with quarterbacks in the NFL.

The managers of the NL Central are the first rankings list I’ll cover. As I stated yesterday, I do have a surprise here.

There was no clear cut criteria for the rankings of the skippers. This was a complete gut feel and a couple of other small things that were considered. Here ya go…

1. Ron Roenicke, Milwaukee
2012 may provide a real understanding of what Roenicke can do from a managerial point of view. He has lost his first baseman via free agency. His left fielder is looking at a 50 game suspension. A portion of a darn good bullpen has also flown the coop.

Good thing the Brewers added a third baseman that may have revived his career and a closer that was a virtual lock to end a game.

2. Clint Hurdle, Pittsburgh
Remember last season when the Pirates sat atop the NL Central? It was brief, but, to be honest, it was exciting even for this Reds fan. I really want the Bucs to become players in the division and Hurdle is the guy to direct them in that direction.

I like the continued youth movement in Pittsburgh. I would love if the organization could find the means to keep Andrew McCutchen forever, too.

3. Dusty Baker, Cincinnati
Two things usually get mentioned when Baker is the subject: the reluctance to play young players and extending pitchers. Baker may not have the convenience of a veteran at short and he may have a couple of arms on his starting staff that will surely have innings limits.

The wild card could be out in left field. With Chris Heisey and Ryan Ludwick, Baker may have to resist one of his natural urges especially if Heisey goes on a tear.

4. Brad Mills, Houston
Maybe a bit of a surprise to some to see Mills here. I honestly believe Mills is a better manager than the record shows (132-192). If only he hadn’t lost the likes of Roy Oswalt, Michael Bourn, Hunter Pence and Lance Berkman. With 2012 being the last season for the Astros in the division, you can hope for the best for Mills. He’s deserved far better than what he’s be given.

Add this. You have to have personal stability to endure what Mills has.

5. Mike Matheny, St. Louis
This is Matheny’s first managing gig. He knows the Cards way which is a big advantage and I personally liked the hire. He just has a lot to overcome and that has nothing to do with the great roster he has.

Imagine this. Your first time as a manager. The team you take over won the World Series in the previous season and you’re replacing a future Hall of Famer.

6. Dale Sveum, Chicago
This isn’t Sveum’s first rodeo as he replaced Ned Yost for a stretch back in 2008. He went 7-5 as the Milwaukee Brewers interim skipper and led the Brew Crew in the playoffs. I understand that Theo is wanting to change things to his liking, and Sveum does have some young pieces and a decent starting staff. The Cubs are looking down the road. I hope the fan base can do the same.

I said it last year and it didn’t happen, but the Cubs could surprise.

To recap…
1. Roenicke
2. Hurdle
3. Baker
4. Mills
5. Matheny
6. Sveum

I know 2011 was Roenicke’s first go as a skipper and he had the plus of a nice roster in which to work. Hurdle’s position was the opposite. I’m of the opinion that I could have put Hurdle atop the list and while that would have met with some disagreement, I also believe there may have been a couple of voices that agreed.

I had no reservations placing Baker at third, but that would be the highest I would go.

Some may take the bottom three and put them in a different order. To a great extent, I would agree with that as I did have difficulty with my bottom three. I do feel the roster makes a manager and Mills has not had that luxury. Matheny will be blessed with that roster and Sveum has the opportunity to do big things, but those will be on down the line.

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