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Are Votto and Phillips in the Reds Future?

Probably not what you want to read.

So I’m reading yesterday’s Dayton Daily News. Yes, newspapers still exist. Since the DDN no longer has someone to cover the Reds beat, John Fay has his columns there now. (I wonder if he gets compensation?). Within Fay’s recent tellings is that of a question he asked many, many times: the status of Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips.

In regards to Votto, the number of “2013” along with the phrase “re-sign” is usually attached. BP questions primarily center around any progress in the talks about an extension. Yes, these strike a chord within me and they should to all Reds fans.

Fay stated he doesn’t know the answers. Not a big deal to me. I know once he (or Mark Sheldon) know of any developments, they will let us know either via Twitter or a post on their blogs. That’s why I don’t sweat it too much.

But something else hit me while I was reading this…

This may sound strange, but I must ask. Should I be that concerned about the Reds after 2012? I mean, we haven’t even played an out this season and there are already those having Votto in Los Angeles or New York. Reds owner Bob Castellini assures the fans the Reds will try to keep Votto. There has been little noted about BP and how the extension talks are progressing. Phillips says he’s not “tripping about it”.

Seriously, 2013 is a ways off, isn’t it? Sure, I want Votto to be a Red forever. Sure, I’d like something to transpire on the front of Phillips and an extension.

On Votto, the chatter will always be out there until one of three transactions occur…

1. Votto signs another deal with the Reds
2. The Reds trade Votto within the next two years
3. Votto leaves via free agency.

They are facts. One will happen. We can’t bury our collective heads in the sand and pretend these possibilities do not exist. I would be lying if I said the talk of Votto elsewhere doesn’t bother me. It does, but that’s not something I can personally control. I do get miffed when certain people bring it up on a daily basis. I believe that’s a form of overkill.

BP? He wants the big deal and he made that known at the end of last season. It seems that Phillips has taken a slightly softer stance within the media though. I do like that no one has taken anything from the talks (or as was once perceived, lack thereof) and aired it.

I know, we heard the deal about using the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger as leverage, but I sense the line not being as hard as it might have been conveyed. Then again, maybe I’m just fooling myself. BP will collect $12 million for his duties in 2012 unless some other terms are negotiated. Not a bad payday for one year. Would I like to have him another couple of years? I sure would.

We could get caught up in the game of “you can only keep one”. If a poll were done, I have a feeling I know who would win. I suspect my vote and the majority would agree.

Bottom line is this. We have both for 2012. Why can’t we enjoy what we have for the time we have it?

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