New BRM Poll: How players are elected to Hall of Fame

When Barry Larkin was recently selected to be enshrined to the Baseball Hall of Fame, I thought of something.

With a smattering of players on the ballot that have been linked to PED use, that number will grow for the next election, but if you listen to the next podcast, you will also see how one writer views that era.

I think of myself as “old school” when it comes to baseball. Up until the past few years, I’ve not been a big sabermetrics guy. I point this out in the podcast as well. I’m learning. Give me time.

This all drove to ask you a question…

Should the Hall of Fame change from the current method used in the selection of players for enshrinement?

  • Yes (69%, 25 Votes)
  • No (31%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 36

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If you vote yes, please leave the method you would like to see utilized. I am extremely interested in your thoughts on this matter. And yes, I could use your idea on the BRM podcast.

And the results for the last poll? They’re on the podcast as well.

As far as procuring another means? I’m not sure one can be drawn. The BBWAA is criticized for not being fair-minded on some issues (end of the year voting seems to come up frequently), but these guys are usually beat writers.

Where I do have an issue is not the “how”, but the “who”. As a whole, it’s not the BBWAA in which I take umbrage. It’s only those that no longer cover baseball on an every day basis where I have a pause. I realize that some members have “paid their dues” and should be honored. I get that. I don’t get that a person can watch two games within a season and still having voting privileges. Maybe this is something in which John Fay can open our eyes a bit more.

You know what, I might just email him…

The podcast can be found here.

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