Madson Talks Reportedly Back on the Front Burner of the Hot Stove

CBS Sports Baseball Insider Jon Heyman is reporting this evening the talks are heating up between the Boras Corporation representing Free Agent Closer Ryan Madson, late of the Philadelphia Phillies.  I did not expect to hear talks move in this direction and even now this could be merely a smokescreen to land a better contract Francisco Cordero but as of this evening, Madson is in Walt Jocketty’s line of sight.

Madson had an excellent season in 2011 earning a Quality Appearance Ratio of 84%, better than any single reliever in the National League Central Division.  He had an ERA of 2.37 second best of his career and at 30 years of age may be ready to peak.  The question is are his services worth the Boras infused price tag.  Maybe and maybe not.  It would definitely shore up the bullpen and would allow Aroldis Chapman more time to develop before calls rain down for him to return to the bullpen.  But it still begs the question, will signing Madson, presumably to a contract between $7m and $10m/season be worth it or would that money be better served finding a left fielder that actually should be a starter?

The question remains…

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