Missed Opportunity


Several months ago, as the trade deadline approached, I suggested on June 9th the Reds should make the move and trade to Ramon Hernandez to someone who needed a catcher.  I even suggested a couple of good fits in Pittsburgh and San Fransisco; after Ryan Doumit received a mid season injury, damaging the surprisingly competitive Pirates and Buster Posey fell to the wayside for the reigning WS champs with a season ending injury these teams needed help and had commodities the Reds could, and should, have traded for.

Now I learn from MLBTR.com  that Ramon’s value has fallen and instead of being worthy of type A Free Agent compensation, he is merely worth Type B consideration.  Walt missed a window of opportunity and the Reds will no get a quality draft pick they might have received if they had acted in a timely manner.  Newton’s Laws of Motion apply not only to physics but also in this case to the world of baseball.  Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action (or inaction) their is an equal and opposite reaction.  The reaction the Reds have earned will pale by comparison now to the one we might have received had we made a deal when Posey’s injury occurred and the need was felt most acutely.

It is taking advantage of these small opportunities that separate good teams from champions and I am not satisfied with being considered merely “good”.

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