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There’s a general feeling that with it now being the off-season that there isn’t much to read about baseball unless you’re a playoff team.

Not true at all, and I’ll show you a couple of posts well worth your time.

John Erardi provides an excellent read into what cold very well be the most important off-season in well over a decade for the Reds. One point he makes that some may flip out over is this…

Everyone loves Datdude, but playing the odds means thanking him at the end of 2012 and letting someone else overpay for his decline.

I think I have read similar tweets from a couple of Reds fans.

Dayton Dragons catcher Tucker Barnhart was rewarded for his excellent defense as he collected a Gold Glove. Not surprising he won it. Read this from the Dragons website and it will be obvious. Adding to the honor is that only 8 other players throughout the minors were selected. Truly elite to receive this honor.

Honestly, I believe the biggest off-season move any team made was the Rangers getting Mike Napoli from the Toronto Blue Jays. I know the Blue Jays got a closer in Frank Francisco, but Napoli’s bat is a perfect fit for the Ballpark.

You’re a beerman. You’re talking to a former player of the team in which you peddle the beer. You’re the one that gets suspended and the other dude (former player who now plays for the rival) grabbed his crotch. Where is the justice in that!?!?!

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