Payroll to Increase for 2012

John Fay reports that Walt Jocketty has told him the Reds payroll will be on the up for 2012. Really, it’s not that big a deal. As Fay points out, Jay Bruce, Joey Votto and Johnny Cueto are due large raises. Fay also asked Walt about the Reds delving into the free agent market. Walt’s reply…”Probably not”.

Great. No moves. Although…

With that as the back drop, the Reds go about trying to fix a club that is destined to finish third in the National League Central — somewhere around the .500 mark.

Jocketty promises that this offseason will be busier that last.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” he said.

Where the hell was that last off-season? The Reds had the personnel to make moves other than free agency, yet nary a one. I’ll believe it when I actually hear and read about it.

Last off-season, we heard two things: “we like our club the way it is” and “people need to go GABP and support the team”. Standing pat can be bad as we all witnessed this season.

Well, the front office made no real moves (none that improved the team anyway) and fans did attend. I heard the ownership wanted 2.2 million fans for 2011. Well, they got it. And you might ask exactly what does that mean for the organization. I’ll tell you…

In 2010, GABP saw 2,060,550 fans go through the gates. This year, that number was 2,213,588, an increase of 153,038. While that is only 1,889 fans a game, it is far more significant than you think. According to SeatGeek, the average price for a ticket to a Reds game (as of August 1st) at GABP was $25.68. The increased attendance at the average ticket cost would equate to $3,930,786 in additional revenues. That’s simply from the added attendance. This does not account for percentages (if possible) from concessions, parking, gift shop, etc. And if all indications are correct, these funds are put back into the team.

Now…the fans upheld a part of the bargain…time to forge ahead and have the front office do theirs. And we know where this is going…

Okay…maybe it’s in reverse order, but I hope you get the gist of this. We went. Now, we leave 2012 in your hands. Don’t make us issue you papers…

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