What's 20 Feet Anyway?

By now you know of the mammoth shot Juan Francisco hit during last night’s 12-8 loss to the Cubs. The blast cleared the “moon deck” out in right field becoming the first to ever do so. The measurement: an estimated 502 feet making it the second longest in GABP history (Former Red Adam Dunn holds that distinction with a homer of some 535 feet.).

Or is it?

I ask that because the one thing I was anxious to see was the distance as stated by ESPN Home Run Tracker, or Hit Tracker as some still refer to it as. There, the blast was a mere 482 feet making it only the second longest home run this season. Justin Upton of the Diamondbacks hit one 486 feet.

No one has ever doubted Francisco’s power. If you watch Reds games on FS Ohio, you constantly hear Thom rave about the raw power Francisco owns. We now have seen it.

I’m not sure of the precise method used to measure home runs at GABP. In all honesty, I really don’t care. All I know is that Francisco funkblast was huge. See for yourself…if you can find the ball, that is.

Mesoraco Delivers 1st MLB Home Run

I’m glad Devin Mesoraco‘s first homer wasn’t lost in all the chatter about Francisco’s prodigious shot. It may have been even more gratifying for Mesoraco because of who caught the ball. In watching an interview after the game, Mesoraco had a chance to meet the gentleman, a member of the US military. With Sunday being the 10th anniversary of 9/11, it really was an eerie thing and Mesoraco said he thanked the young man, not only for the ball, but for his service.

He gets it.

“4192: The Crowning of the Hit King”

If you have not been able to see this, FS Ohio will air the piece about Pete Rose and his quest to surpass Ty Cobb as baseball’s all-time hit leader following tonight’s Reds-Cubs game.

As of late, I realize I’ve written a few things about Rose. Maybe too many for some. One thing that has gone under the radar (and for good reason) is that 9/11 marked the 26th anniversary of the day Rose passed Ty Cobb. Instead of rambling on about it, here’s a trailer for it.

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