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Same Ol' Song and Dance

We’ve seen this before…Edinson Volquez with the inability to control his pitches. This leads to inefficiency and added work for the bullpen.

If you scan his game logs from his latest stint with the Louisville Bats, you would gather that Volquez was on the uptake for the remainder of 2011. In his last 10 appearances, Volquez was only 3-2, but the other stats were of the variety that leads to almost an immediate promotion for most pitchers. Just look…

For his last 10 starts for the Bats, Volquez posted an ERA of 2.55 to go along with a WHIP of 1.179, 19 walks and 73 strikeouts. His batting average against was .236 and he surrendered 4 homers. Those are very nice numbers.

Well, this season’s Opening Day starter is up to his ol’ tricks. The issue isn’t really getting knocked around the park. It’s the lack of control. As Peter Noone once chimed “second verse, same as the first”.

So yesterday Volquez only manages to go five innings. He delivered 99 pitches with only 56 for strikes. He walked four while only whiffing three. A few things I have read are touting Volquez for a nice effort. I’m not among those. If you go back to his starts prior to his second demotion of the season, his stats for six starts are as follows: 2-2, 5.29 ERA, 1.588 WHIP, 17 BB, 20 SO, .280/.360/.538 for his slash line against. He provided three quality starts.

Seems like he pitches well in Triple-A, but not at the MLB level. As has been said repeatedly by any Reds fan and broadcaster, it is a case of what’s between the ears. Volquez labors in the bigs while performing well when not thrust into a big league situation. He relaxes and pitches better when it appears the pressure is lessened.

Some of you may know that in the past I have been a big supporter of Volquez. Maybe my hard-headedness was wanting at least some form of a return on the Josh Hamilton deal. We’ve gotten one good season from Volquez…and a lot of frustration. That’s mainly due to the constant drivel of “he has ace stuff”. An ace wouldn’t be in this predicament.

I’m ready to turn the page on this one. Volquez might be wishing he’d signed that extension in the off-season. I highly doubt the same is afforded to him from the Reds brass now.

Oh, yea. Peter Noone? Herman’s Hermits. Enjoy!

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