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Rose and Pat Boone?

Yes, you read that right. It seems that in a funny sort of way Pete Rose and Pat Boone are on the same team. Rose will be making an appearance at a theater in Myrtle Beach that bears Boone’s name. The location of the theater, formally the home of the NASCAR Cafe in the popular vacation spot, will play host to Rose in October.

If you’re planing to head south for the winter, you may want to make a stop on either October 17 or 18 to catch “An Evening With Pete Rose: 4192, The Making Of A Hit King!” The event will last from 7:30 pm to 10:00 PM each evening.

When I first looked at this press release, I had to rub my eyes a little. VIP tix are $100 and include a 6 PM to 7 PM “get together” with the opportunity to meet Pete and get his autograph. If you decide that price tag is a little high, $50 will get you in. One hundred VIP tickets will be sold for each night.

I have the feeling this isn’t monetarily driven. It will be interesting to hear/read what is divulged on these nights.

Rose will reportedly also present rare footage while covering his early years, his father’s influence, and his MLB days. For more info, visit Tickets will not be available by the public until September 12.

Editor’s Note: I received an email from the PR firm (Lesnik Himmelsbach Wilson Hearl) handling the affairs for the Pat Boone Theater. I apparently misread the info regarding the tickets and seating capacity. For each night, there will be 100 VIP tix available with a total seating capacity of 595 for the facility. My bad and I appreciate the info to get the correct numbers out to all. And tickets go on sale today!

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