2010 Seems So Long Ago

Not completely giving up on 2011 yet. Sure I recently stated that, but after seeing the Reds drop two straight lackluster performances, I’m getting to the point…quickly. But there are legit reasons any Reds fan could (and maybe, should) be giving up on 2011. It’s a longer list than I usually present…

1. No extended winning streaks

This has been a huge point of contention due to the issue of how the Reds simply could not win back-yo-back games for over a month. If the Reds have been consistent in any area, it’s been the ol’ “won one, lose one” formula ever since jumping out ot the gate with five straight W’s.

2. Massive Use of Disabled List

Walt Jocketty has already used the DL many more times in 2011 than in 2010. Just to give you an idea, here’s a list of Reds players that have spent time on the DL this season.

Jose Arredondo (twice)
Homer Bailey (twice)
Scott Rolen (twice)
Johnny Cueto
Fred Lewis
Jared Burton
Juan Francisco
Aroldis Chapman
Matt Maloney
Sam LeCure
Zack Cozart

…and we’re not even to August yet, the month where the Reds used the DL more than any other month last season.

And don’t think I’m not aware of the number of times other teams have had to use the DL either. Point here is that the Reds have used the DL far more this season than in 2010. This also played a key role in the success of 2010.

3. No Spark or Sense of Urgency

In all honesty, not seeing any. Granted, I don’t have to play roughly 150 games a season and travel all over the US either. I know that all takes a toll and creates wear and tear on a body as well as one’s psyche. We should all be aware of that. Some nights, though, it just looks like the guys are sleepwalking and going through the motions. That adds to the frustration level from the fans.

4. Finding Ways to Lose

Last season, we rarely, if ever, witnessed a loss the way the Reds lost last evening. And the night before. They found ways to win those types of games in 2010. The inability to pull off the comeback and/or walk-off win is almost non-existent this season. Those wins were a big factor in the success in 2010.

5. Having Fun

Has the target on their backs made this team tense? Apparently so. Maybe the bats are getting gripped a little tighter or squeezing the ball ore when making a throw. I’m not seeing the smiles, except BP, for the most part.

Call me overly optimistic as I’m not writing off this season just yet. Call me a fool as well (like that hasn’t been done before). I will say this…tomorrow may be a different story due to what may or may not happen on and off the field.

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