Titillating Trade Talk

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The names are all sounding the same. Familiarity is really starting to breed content. The places aren’t really changing. That being said, and in the light of the Reds finding a way to win a series against the Atlanta Braves, here’s a some trade fodder to kick off your Monday.

Just the other day, Justin ranked the likeliness of the Reds landing certain players. I’ll cover some of those names and a couple of others. Yes, we have heard all these names.

If it’s an arm you’re wanting, the Reds have been linked strongly to the Colorado Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez. While this rumor may not be boiling as much as Reds fans think, Troy Renck of the Denver Post doesn’t sound like he’s completely ready to rule out a potential deal…and those that may be involved in such a transaction.

The Reds and Yankees are considered the best matches, though Texas and Boston are lurking. Cincinnati has several players who have piqued Colorado’s interest, including top catching prospect Devin Mesoraco, first baseman Yonder Alonso and outfielder Todd Frazier. For this deal to be the surefire win the Rockies are seeking, it would have to, in my opinion, include starter Edinson Volquez.

If the Rox are looking to get all four of these names mentioned by Renck, I doubt this deal goes down. I simply cannot see that. Three, maybe. I also cannot see the Reds including Mesoraco, but Renck does point out that the Rockies may also be looking to deal Chris Iannetta. Iannetta’s departure from Denver appears more likely than Jimenez’s according to Renck. If Rox GM Dan O’Dowd deals Iannetta before any talking Jimenez with any team, it does make sense for Colorado to try and procure Mesoraco.

And it appears Colorado also desires an outfielder, too. Renck tweeted this last night…


Bringing up Heisey’s name may not sit well with some, but I’m of the belief that there are more than a handful of teams where he would be an everyday player. Yes, I haven’t exactly endorsed Heisey as the everyday LF, but it is time to do so even with the Reds chasing down three teams.

Perfect world: the Reds get Jimenez and his extremely team friendly contract (11:$2.8M, 12:$4.2M, 13:$5.75M club option with $1M buyout, 14:$8M club option with $1M buyout; 2014 option only if 2013 option is exercised; may void 2014 if traded; other incentives and performance bonuses) without including Mesoraco and Frazier in the deal. Frazier has been viewed as a potential understudy for third base (What? Not Juan Francisco?) and Mesoraco appears to be ML ready as a backstop. The inclusion of Alonso seems apparent…for almost any deal the Reds do. He is also ML ready, but maybe not as a LF.

The inclusion of Volquez will send a great many Reds fans dancing in the streets, though. Despite looking like an “ace” in his last outing in Louisville (CG, 2 R, 5 H, 0 BB, 9 SO, 110 pitches, 82 strikes), Mark Sheldon says the Reds are not inclined to recall him so quick. I know. I’m getting a little tired of Volquez and ace in the same sentence.

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