Reds Round Table: The Finale

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I think Nick Masset has earned his shot at it. He has the stuff to do it and the tenacious mentality. The only question mark I have with him is that he doesn’t have the short memory you need there, and a bad outing can perpetuate into 2 weeks of shot confidence with him. If it isn’t him, I like Brad Boxberger as a darkhorse candidate there. Has the stuff to do it, but is unproven. I don’t think they’ll bring someone in, something tells me they’ve learned their lesson there.

And RijoSaboCaseyWKRP sets us up for our next question along with his thoughts on the closer situation…

To answer both 5 and 6, I’d like to see Chapman tried as a starter for AT LEAST a half-season more, so I really hope they look elsewhere for a closer. I think the season proves you can’t have enough SP depth. I don’t really believe in a strict closer – a guy whose job is only to finish the game in save situations and always pitch the entire 9th inning, but if there has to be one, they should consider Masset, Arredondo, Ondrusek or a cheaper set-up signing who has closer potential. If Bailey is still here and having problems with staying healthy/effective as a starter, it might be time to finally consider him as a closer, at least for a season.

I’ve never been big on Chapman as a closer myself. The final question is what should Chapman’s role be within the organization. Ronnie from Big Red Redemption will leadoff here.

Image: Bo Hussey

Chapman will always be in the closer conversation just because of his arm. But he’s proven time and time again he is not able to pitch multiple days in a row. So in my eyes he need to be down in Louisville working on becoming the starting pitcher we signed him to be. I don’t care what his value is from the pen in the playoffs. This kid has got to have his role defined and we need to stick to it. I would love to watch him go out there and dominate over 7 innings, and from what I’ve heard he’s a pretty good hitter as well.

And finally, JinAZ of Red Reporter submits out final thought.

Yes. If a pitcher has a shot to be a successful starter he should be used as such until such time that he proves he’s incapable of that. Even average starters are as valuable as most of the better closers. Closers pitch during important times in ballgames, but the number of innings they throw is so small compared to the number of innings starters throw that it’s really no contest. If a closer throws 70 innings and a starter throws 210, the closer’s innings would need to be THREE TIMES as important as the starter’s. We can measure that with Leverage Index, and, in general, closers’ innings are roughly twice as important.

Chapman should be starting. That would give the Reds a guy who is capable of being a top of the rotation pitcher if he can find a change-up. Don’t the Reds have to see if that can happen?

The majority did say they do prefer Chapman as a starter, but there were a couple that stated they are swinging over to the Cuban Missile being a closer as well. For the closer going foward, Nick Masset seemed to be the most popular selection.

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