Finally...Some Action!!!

With the news of Zack Cozart being (finally) called up to the big league club from Louisville, the moves that fans have been demanding of Walt Jocketty and company might be at long last coming to fruition. More importantly, the send down victims of the call ups today (Carlos Fisher was also called up) signified more to me than who was called up. With Paul Janish and Edinson Volquez sent down it seems to show that the leash has mercifully been shortened on the struggling  veterans who have been populating the Reds roster for nearing half a season. It is long overdue. While Volquez has been sent down once, a host of the other underachievers have seen no break in rank or playing time even in the face of deplorable production.

The demotions and roster shake ups shouldn’t be viewed as negatives, but as positives. I look at it as in a workplace. If you are an engineer and all the products under your control start to fail and the processes become inefficient, you are probably going to get demoted or fired. Or if you find a job like that where you don’t get fired, message me because I’d love to find out where to send my resume. Production is part of the deal when you do a job, and retribution for being ineffective at one’s job is part of it as well. Being demoted or sat down, especially in the sports world, is a way to make a team better. It motivates those that are demoted to work harder in order to correct those inefficiencies that stand in the way of them and success and also paves the way for those that may be ready to make a positive impact themselves. Playing with no sense of urgency or fear of demotion makes it easier to fall in a rut of under performance. While I don’t know how things transpired over the course of the year within the Reds clubhouse, I am just calling it as I see it. Bringing up Cozart might not fix our shortstop problem, but at least it’s a try. Left field production still mediocre? Acquire a player from outside the organization or bring up Dave Sappelt or Yonder Alonso. Still only have two and a half functional starting pitchers? Bring on Dontrelle Willis!

The most frustrating action in the face of a problem is inaction. At least now Walt might be finally tipping his hand and showing that the lack of production might actually require a little action. News to my ears.

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