Checking in on Adam Dunn

Given the time in which the Reds became near and dear to my heart, Adam Dunn ranks inordinately high on my favorite-players-of-all-time list. It’d be a good bet that many of you are the same. And if you have been checking in on the Reds’ slugger of yesteryear this season (or if he is on your fantasy team), you’ll know that Dunn has had a fair share of struggles this season. From an early season appendectomy to what has become a half-season long and seemingly permanent slump that is bordering on painful, the wheels seem to have just fell off.

The stats are ugly. For the White Sox thus far, Dunn is hitting a paltry .173/.308/.316 with 7 HR and 29 RBI. Add to that the fact that he is hitting .019 against lefties. And yes, that is correct. Dunn is 1-for-53 off of southpaws. It just pains me to see Dunn struggling so.

What got the mind over to Dunn was a post by Joe Posnanski regarding Dunn and the bestowing of the title of most boring baseball player. Given his reasoning (and it’s some good reasoning, more eloquently written than I could ever put it), I can’t disagree. It makes for a great, if slightly disheartening, read. It just makes me miss the days of Dunn blasting the 480 foot bombs out of GABP, one-hoppers off the concrete walkways beyond the stacks and into the river. Guess I’m the nostalgic sort…

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