Inter-League Play Creates Schedule Imbalance

Just a quick rant here.  I have made little secret about my dislike for inter league play.  I know it exists for purely monetary reasons and as a means to expose fans to the American League but it really does change the competitive balance of the Wild Card race.  I like symmetry and I am obsessive about it.  I am sure the Reds ownership is thrilled to have the Red Sox, Blue Jays and Rays in town.  Consider how the schedule stacks up between the National League teams with a .500+ winning percentage.

Team AL Opponents Avg Winning %
Philadelphia* Tex @Sea Oak Bos @Tor .509
Atlanta @LAA Tex Tor @Sea Bal .491
Milwaukee* @Bos TBR Min @NYY @Min .509
St. Louis @KCR KCR Tor Bal @TBR .471
Cincinnati @Cle Tor NYY @Bal @TBR Cle .524
Pittsburgh Det @Cle Bal Bos @Tor .537
San Fransisco* Oak @Oak Min Cle @Det .473
Arizona Min CHW @KCR @Det Cle @Oak .474
*Current Division Leader as of 6/16/2011

The Pirates and the Reds suffer the most from this schedule while St. Louis, San Fransisco and Arizona all have a considerably easier path to the wild card because of the Inter-League imbalance.

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