How Loyal Are Reds Fans?

This most likely isn’t the most scientific of surveys out there. That said, I was lead to this piece on WKRC’s website…

The method used could tell you a little about a team’s fanbase. Here’s how the study was conducted…

The Facebook study was based on number of people who “liked” a particular team, or post updates about their teams. Facebook also created a “fair- weather fan” index for fans who follow their team only when it is winning.

According to this, Reds fans are among the least “fair-weather fans” on Facebook along with the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Mets. The most? Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays.

I’m not a big Facebook junkie, but I do get on it here and there. I have noticed that this also holds true for the minor league affiliates of the Reds. They all have an overwhelming number of followers. If you check out our page above called “The Farm”, we now have provided a link to each team’s Facebook and Twitter page.

We’ll show ‘em loyalty!

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