Panic Mode?

This is either getting kind of strange or kind of scary.

One of the Reds strengths, if not its greatest strength, coming into the 2011 season was the starting staff. After reading a few tweets and reading a post over on Redleg Nation, I’m leaning toward kind of scary.

You see, the staff has been a bit on the lackluster side. Sure, there’s been issues that has possibly prevented them from performing at their peak (Volquez and his visa, Arroyo and illness, Cueto’s shoulder), but could there be that we are starting doubt/question that staff?

After all, we are only a week away from Opening Day and the group of six (momentarily down to five) hasn’t exactly had a stellar spring training. For your viewing pleasure, here’s where it all stands as we speak…

Wood 1 0 3.21 4 14.0 14 5 1 3 13 1.214 0.6 9.0 1.9 8.4 4.33
Leake 1 1 9.39 5 15.1 27 16 5 7 4 2.218 2.9 15.9 4.1 2.4 0.57
Arroyo 0 2 5.14 4 14.0 14 8 5 1 7 1.071 3.2 9.0 0.6 4.5 7.00
Bailey 0 2 5.93 4 13.2 22 9 2 3 12 1.829 1.3 14.5 2.0 7.9 4.00
Volquez 0 0 11.56 2 4.2 3 6 1 7 5 2.141 1.9 5.8 13.5 9.6 0.71
Cueto 1 1 6.00 4 9.0 10 6 0 2 5 1.333 0.0 10.0 2.0 5.0 2.50
TOTALS 3 6 6.37 23 70.2 90 50 14 23 46 1.599 1.8 11.5 2.9 5.9 2.01

As you’ve also probably read, the air in Arizona isn’t the friendliest toward pitchers. At least Dusty believes so and the numbers do bear that out. But it’s still little concerning that one of our “prized possessions isn’t performing to our level of expectations. Am I right in thinking that?

Sure, almost every single stat above is borderline ugly. Some could create downright nausea, but we’re getting down to the ol’ “nitty gritty” here. One week until opening day and our perceived strength has seemed to have hit a snag, hasn’t it?

Is it time to hit the panic button? Maybe not quite yet and I did admit that I do have a some concern mounting within. And there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

I’m also starting to wonder if the young staff isn’t already feeling the pressure. You like to think not and hope that it’s just a matter of lining everything up for the season.

And with that now ever increasing doubt comes more questions.

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  • Alex Apple

    You answered your question about whether we should panic in the second paragraph. There have been circumstances out of the Reds control: a visa, illness, and an injury.
    I put 0 stock in Spring Training numbers other than something eye opening like is the case with Dave Sappelt. We have no idea what they were working on out there, and the ball isn’t gonna fly half in Cincy like it does in AZ

  • beeker

    The double-digit scores over the last week have stood out to me as well. 72 runs allowed in 7 games? Ouch!

    The Reds were a bit sluggish coming out of the gate last year too. They were 5-8 after getting swept by Pittsburgh when Dusty had the closed door meeting that finally kicked things into gear. I’m hoping that this last week was just getting all of that junk out of the way in ST instead of the first two weeks of the season this time!

    • Steve Engbloom

      And then you watch yesterday’s game and see that Cordero was the only pitcher not to surrender a run…

      Funny that you chimed in here, beeker. Hadn’t seen ya in a while and I was gettin’ worried. I was gonna send an email to make sure all was okay…

      • beeker

        Thanks for the thoughts, Steve. I think things are slowing down again after a full week. I hate it when life gets in the way of my blogs!