The Time is Vote!

We’re finally at the point where all the FanSided readers can cast their votes for which all divisional team they think is the best.

The matchup: AL East v. NL East (notice a theme already, huh?)

Well, here’s a listing of each squad and the players as determined by the FanSided staff of each of its repective division’s blogs.

Position NL East AL East
Catcher Brain McCann Matt Wieters
First Base Ryan Howard Adrian Gonzalez
Second Base Chase Utley Robinson Cano
Third Base Ryan Zimmerman Evan Longoria
Shortstop Hanley Ramirez Derek Jeter
Outfield Mike Stanton Carl Crawford
Outfield Jason Heyward Brett Gardner
Outfield Jayson Werth Jose Bautista
DH N/A Manny Ramirez
Starting Pitcher Roy Hallday CC Sabathia
Starting Pitcher Cliff Lee David Price
Starting Pitcher Roy Oswalt Jon Lester
Starting Pitcher Josh Johnson Clay Buchholz
Starting Pitcher Tommy Hanson Ricky Romero
Relief Pitcher Ryan Madson Rafael Soriano
Closer Francisco Rodriguez Mariano Rivera

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To cast your vote, simply go here to do so.

If you would like to debate which team is best or if you feel another player should have been selected instead of the player that was selected (I already see at least three!), leave those in the comments. I know all of us here would love to get into this if you’re willing to do that.

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