Where Will Sappelt End Up?

The hitting tear of Dave Sappelt this spring for the Reds has probably been the most surprising storyline from Goodyear thus far. It has also worked to raise some questions as to where Sappelt will break camp at.

It seems entirely plausible that he has played his way into deserving a spot on the big league roster especially considering that he raked across three levels last year, has been consistently good and progressing in the three years since he has been in the Reds system since being drafted in the 9th round in 2008, and is now the Reds hottest offensive player this spring.

2008 21 Rk 62 254 47 76 7 35 6 21 45 .299 .354 .496 .850
2009 22 A-A+ 136 552 71 155 7 46 47 36 75 .281 .327 .399 .726
2010 23 AA-AAA-A+ 133 509 72 174 10 74 25 42 74 .342 .395 .507 .902
3 Seasons 331 1315 190 405 24 155 78 99 194 .308 .359 .459 .818
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The only drawback to Sappelt being brought to Cincy straight out of camp is his lack of big league experience (zilch) and age (24). It seems that there are too many more seasoned and honestly locked-in options for the outfield than Sappelt in the form of Fred Lewis and Chris Heisey present to let this happen and it will likely culminate in Sappelt spending a vast majority of his season in Louisville and may get a call up if injuries or ineffectiveness sets in for some guys with the big league team. Count me as one however that thinks that giving Sappelt a shot sooner than later would be a good idea. Probably not one that is able to be done easily from a roster perspective, but one that would provide dividends. What say you?

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