FanSided to Produce All Divisional Teams

With pitchers and catchers only days away from reporting, the FanSided Sports Family developed an idea for all the MLB blogs to create their own All Divisional Teams. Blog Red Machine, in conjunction with Climbing Tal’s Hill (Houston), Cubbies Crib (Chicago), Redbird Rants (St. Louis), Reviewing the Brew (Milwaukee) and Rum Bunter (Pittsburgh) will be participants in naming an All NL Central team. BRM received this announcement today.

We here at Blog Red Machine have already been working behind the scenes in doing such. Since we’ve already done so, I would like to hear from our readers on who they would select. How can you do this? You can do this in one of two ways.

First, you can submit your All NL Central team by simply leaving yours within the comments of this post. Second, email us with your picks at [email protected]. You can include any analysis and/or comments you have on your selections. For this week, we will be focusing on position players only. The following week, we will concentrate on the pitching staff. BRM will begin to list our choices on Monday, February 7. On February 14, we will announce the All NL Central team. When we announce these complete results, we will review our vote and include yours and compare those to that of the final vote. That means you have plenty of time to sort through all the rosters.

There may be an instance or two where there is a tie. If that results, Cubbies Crib will be hosting polls as the readers will break those ties. These polls will be up for only a period of 24 hours, so we encourage you to voice your opinion by voting. I will keep you informed of those and supply a link to them in order for you to vote in those polls.

The ultimate result will be the crowing of the best of the all divisional teams. All the NL divisional teams will square off against one another and the same for the AL. Those polls will be conducted over on FanSided’s flagship blog for all MLB blogs, Call to the Pen. Again, I will provide you the link to vote on these polls as well. Thses polls will run a little longer, about two days.

Once a winner among the AL and NL teams are announced, there will be another vote by you to determine the best all divisional team in all of baseball. You will determine the outcome by your vote as to which division in baseball has the best “All Divisional Team”.

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  • beeker

    Here are my All NL Central fielders [and backups]:

    C: Geovany Soto [Yadier Molina]
    1B: Albert Pujols [Joey Votto]
    2B: Brandon Phillips [Neil Walker]
    SS: Starlin Castro [Ryan Theriot]
    3B: Scott Rolen [David Freese]
    LF: Ryan Braun [Matt Holliday]
    CF: Andrew McCutchen [Drew Stubbs]
    RF: Hunter Pence [Jay Bruce]

    I am seriously torn about picking Pence over Jay Bruce. Pence’s numbers are better… for now. But I think he is performing at his max while Jay still has room to improve. With a bit more discipline at the plate, Jay will overtake Pence quickly. (And, to be honest, Pence is the only player on the Astros worthy of a list like this, so that swayed me a bit too.)

    I was not surprised that Janish has the best defensive rating among shortstops. Castro is a bit of a defensive liability, but if his batting stays consistent, I’m going to love hating that Cubbie for a long time.

    I assume some might hammer me for taking Ryan Braun over Matt Holliday. But I’ll take the slightly lower batting numbers and better defense, thank you. I mean, Jonny Gomes has better defensive numbers than Holliday, and Gomes gets yanked in the 9th for a better defensive player.

  • shrews824

    This is my NL Central Dream Team as of today. I’ll tell ya, it really hurts to pick some of these players.

    Catcher: Yadier Molina
    1st: Albert Pujols
    2nd: Brandon Phillips
    3rd: Scott Rolen
    ss: Starlin Castro
    LF: Ryan Braun
    CF: Andrew McCutchen
    RF: Corey Hart

    It was practically a tie for the RF slot with Hart, Jay Bruce and Hunter Pence. I went with Hart because of the better and more consitent power of the three. I do think Bruce will pass him in the next couple of years and I think both Pence and Bruce have a slightly better game in the field. I would have picked Ryan Hannigan for the catchers position if he was an everyday catcher. Both he an Ramon Hernandez have excellent offensive and defensive numbers in spite of platooning for the majority of the season. I’m eager to see who everyone else chooses. It’s going to be interesting for sure.

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  • Steve Engbloom

    You two only differ on catcher and right field. You can’t go wrong with either Molina or Soto from the standpoint of overall game. Molina is better defensively. Soto is better offensively. Both are known for handling staffs pretty darn well.

    Right field is a toughie. Maybe the second toughest position to pick because Hart, Pence and Bruce are all solid.

    I am a bit surprised the name Rickie Weeks hasn’t popped up yet.

    • shrews824

      I gave Rickie Weeks some thought. He seemed to really come on strong last year for sure. It seemed as if he always played better against the Reds for some reason, however I think BP is better with the glove and has comparible stats on the offensive side. Honestly, I think BP is arguably the best 2nd baseman in all the NL and not just the Central. I hope others feel the same way.

    • beeker

      I agree. Rickie is a tempting pick. I love his speed. But I’ll take Brandon’s gold glove.

  • Steve Engbloom

    To see it all on one posts the way you guys have it:

    C: Soto or Molina
    1B: Pujols
    2B: Phillips
    SS: Castro
    3B: Rolen
    LF: Braun
    CF: McCutchen
    RF: Pence or Hart

    Here’s the fun part…

    I will be doing another post tomorrow and will use this list as a base for the others should they choose to participate. Or…the discussion can stay here and I’ll link to it. I’ll leave that up to you guys.

    I will also be unveiling BRM’s selections this weekend. I know, a tease…again.

    • shrews824

      It makes no difference to me.