More To Come…

Coming from Mr. Jocketty via Mark Sheldon, the Reds are currently working to try to give our remaining arbitration eligible players “the Votto” and sign them to deals before the Tuesday deadline.

Edinson Volquez, Johnny Cueto, and Bill Bray are all in talks with the Reds and it is hopeful that they could be signed to multi-year deals. This would work to finish filling out the rest of the spring training roster and take care of some very good young players that should stay part of the Reds for some time.

I like the hint that these players could get multi-year deals. Volquez and Cueto will most definitely be big parts of the bedrock of the rotation going forward and (though I may be in the dwindling minority) still feel like Bray could be a great piece for the bullpen after showing good signs last season bouncing back from injuries.

With this flurry of activity nearing the arbitration deadline, I am starting to get more optimistic about the position of the Reds within the division and the NL as a whole. The whole standing pat deal was rubbing me the wrong way around the time of the winter meetings but as its worn on, I am starting to feel it. Such is the fickle nature of fandom I suppose, but I think that this is as efficient a path as could be taken through the offseason.

Having these potential deals coming through to take care of arbitration players, we should very soon be able to start seeing what our 2011 Reds will look like and begin to preview them and the seemingly more competitive NL Central. It’s going to be an exciting time soon here and I cannot wait.

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  • shrews824

    This is a very exciting time to be a Reds fan isn’t it? I do like that they haven’t made any drastic overhauls to the club. Just some routine maintenaince and house keeping. The minor league prospects seem to be hopeful, so I have no fear. Man, I can’t wait for the season to start!!! They will get this Cueto and Volquez deal done and when they do it will be the start of “peace of mind” for the next 3 yrs. Reds for 2011.

  • beeker

    Do you think there is any possibility that Walt might be open to trading one of the starters (Volquez)? Look at the numbers. There are already 6 good starters on staff. If they are still looking at giving Chapman a chance to start at some point, that’s 7. Those numbers don’t work. Sure, we fans love the depth, but the odd men out aren’t going to be happy be buried on the depth chart.

  • Steve Engbloom


    Long time no chat for starters.

    I’m going with my gut on this, but Cueto is the better prospect to get the longer of any deal if long term deals are made. Volquez still has the wildness he has to learn to harness.


    I examined the possibility of dealing a starter (yes, Volquez) last month. With the way things fell in ’10, I don’t see a trade down the road. At last year’s All-Star break, the rotation was Arroyo, Cueto, Wood, Maloney and LeCure, 3 rookies.

    The surplus is good because you never know when someone’s arm is going to go south. The Reds have backup unlike the Nats did when Strasburg went down. Realistically, you could probably count the teams that have that type of depth on one hand.

    There’s a great article about the Reds pitching and how it has developed over the last few years over on Baseball America by J.J. Cooper (giving the guy his props). A highly suggested read.

  • Justin Hamilton

    Well said Steve. I agree. As much as I wouldn’t mind turning some of our excess pitching talent into a good offensive piece in a market where teams are clamoring for young pitching, I don’t think it’d be realistic to expect a good useful player this year unless me make a trade that would potentially gut our great farm system.

    Having a long stable of competent starters is a very good security net and gives some room to move throughout the season. It’s not good to try to pin all of your season’s successes on keeping 2 or 3 key pitchers healthy. That’s a quick way to dash a potentially good season.