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Reds to Appear on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

Amazing what winning your division does. You actually get a prime time gig.

Apparently, the Cincinnati Reds are now (somewhat) a team in demand. In demand enough to be featured twice during the first half of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball for the upcoming season. No surprise that the team making the most appearances during this period is the Boston Red Sox with four. If you include ESPN’s opening day lineup, the Yankees will make four appearances as well.

Here’s how it shakes out…

Both games that feature the Reds will be away from GABP, a fact that I’m not thrilled to see.

Cincinnati Reds Opening Day 2008

No GABP on ESPN? Aw, nuts! (Image: Eric Eckel via Flickr)

The first game is on April 24 in St. Louis. That ought to be one to watch. I’m curious how many Brandon Phillips foul balls will be launched back into the field play that night. Wouldn’t it be something if Johnny Cueto takes the bump that night? That could make for some intriguing situations.

The second game will be on May 29 in Atlanta against the Braves. Maybe this time, Brooks Conrad won’t get that walkoff granny.

There is also a period from June 5-July 3 labeled as “TBD”. If you look ahead to the games the Reds have during that period…
June 5: The Dodgers visit GABP
June 12: Cincinnati travels to San Francisco
June 19: The Reds host the Toronto Blue Jays and 2010 MLB HR King Jose Bautista
June 26: Off to Camden Yards and a game with the Baltimore Orioles
July 3: An Ohio Cup game at GABP with the Cleveland Indians

The best bet, depending on how the standings at that point shake out, could be the game out in San Francisco. Don’t completely rule out that Orioles game. ESPN loves Buck. The Indians game at GABP would be a nice one to show, too.

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