Larkin Falls Short in HOF Bid

Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? Not really.

Today, the BBWAA announced its formal ballot for election into Baseball’s Hall of Fame. I can honestly say I’m a supporter for both Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven being elected. As far as Larkin’s election is concerned, I’m not shocked. I do think he’ll get in. It’s just a matter of when.

Now, BRM is a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Most of you already know this. Each member blog submits their vote to the BBA and the BBA (as seen on here the other day) posts its results. In that, the BBA recommended that Alomar and Blyleven be inducted with Larkin coming in third.

I did notice something a couple a strange things as I was viewing the results.

Marl McGwire’s potential election is gaining no steam. In fact, it’s stagnant. Maybe even slightly slipping. Even after he publicly admitted to using steroids, his support could be slowly dwindling. In 2007, his first year up for election, Big Mac garnered 128 votes, good for roughly 24%. He was named on the same number of ballots the following year representing the same percentage. 2009 saw McGwire’s name on only 118 ballots for 22%. Last year, the number went back to 128 and 24%. This year’s vote: 115 votes, 20%.

Rafael Palmeiro, another of the players from the now infamous “steroid era”, did make a nice debut in his first year on the ballot. Despite Palmeiro’s wagging his finger in front of a Congressional hearing and denying use and later submitting a positive test for steroids (which he still denies), some members of the BBWAA saw fit to reward him with 64 votes. That’s 11%. Not as much as McGwire snagged in his first year.

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Larkin leapfrogged past Jack Morris. There’s been an undercurrent for Morris’ election, but Larkin gained the most comparing 2010’s vote to 2011’s. For the 2010 vote, Morris slightly edged Larkin in votes 282 to 278. Larkin rushed by Morris this year, 351 to 311. Both players obviously increased their percentage of votes received (Larkin: 51.6 to 62.1; Morris: 52.3 to 53.5). Larkin gained more than just a little steam.

Jeff Bagwell was the “rookie” with the most votes, as expected, with 242 votes, 41.7%.

Here’s a look at those on this year’s ballot that were elected that will be on next year’s ballot.
Barry Larkin
Jack Morris
Lee Smith
Jeff Bagwell
Tim Raines
Edgar Martinez
Alan Trammell
Larry Walker
Mark McGwire
Fred McGriff
Don Mattingly
Dale Murphy
Rafael Palmeiro
Juan Gonzalez

Dave Parker, in his final year of eligibility from the BBWAA, received 89 votes (15.3%). He will not be on the ballot next year.

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