Arthur Rhodes Inks Deal with Texas

Steve Philips of is stating that Arthur Rhodes and the Texas Rangers have agreed to a one-year deal. No financial information was disclosed in the post.

The lefty reliever had spent the past two seasons in Cincinnati after singing a two-year deal previous to the 2009 campaign. Sir Arthur was selected to his first All-Star Game in 2010.

Curious, this is.

Did the Reds drag their feet for too long on their attempt to bring Rhodes back to Cincinnati? Who knows and we may never know exactly what transpired between the Reds and Rhodes’s representatives. Both sides has stated the wish for another deal.

Arthur Rhodes

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Maybe the Rangers having a bit more money in their coffers due to Cliff Lee leaving enabled the Rangers to offer Rhodes that extra dough. We’ll get a look at that if the terms are released. I’m not saying tht money was the only reason this could have been reached, but we all know money talks. Even if the Rangers offered Rhosed $250,000 more than what the Reds might have, it’s still $250,000.

And there’s the deal about taxes that was aired when the Rangers were trying to keep Lee in the fold. Texas has no state tax. Offering a duplicate contract would mean more money then.

Even though Rhodes was classified as a Type A free agent, the Reds will receive no compensation because Rhodes was not offered arbitration.

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