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Dusty Baker: Baseball's Nicest Man (Image:Daylife)

Apologies for not getting Reds Links, Blogs, and Other Thoughts out on Friday…
Buster Olney has released his newest book entitled How Lucky You Can Be the story is all about the miraculous recovery of college basketball’s all-time winningest coach, Don Meyer. Meyer was in a horrific car accident just three years ago where he lost his leg. The gripping book then describes the rehab and recovery that ensued.

Olney and Meyer were doing a book signing at Nashville, Tennessee yesterday, and while getting the book signed, I took the time to ask Olney just a few questions about the Cincinnati Reds.

I asked ESPN’s Olney who the nicest guy on the Reds was? His response:I would tell you a player, but I would be doing an injustice if I did not tell you that Dusty Baker is the nicest guy in baseball. He said that Baker loves the players and just loves people. He is kind, open, and caring. He said that many managers begin to resent the players as they get older, but not Baker.

I then asked what he thought about LaRussa and hinted at the brawl last year. His response was humorous. He simply looked at me and smiled, saying “I wouldn’t say nearly the same thing about LaRussa that I said about Dusty.”

I also asked one further question. I asked what makes Joey Votto unique. Olney said that Votto is one of the most dedicated players to every facet of the game. He said that if he were to ask Votto about his swing, Votto would not give him any information but rather simply a blanket answer. He went on to say that Joey will do whatever it takes to succeed, and he has the mentality that no one is going to stop him.

I also asked about the Phillies, and he said they were great, but Rollins is a year older. Utley is a year older. Howard is a year older, and that’s why you play all 162 games. The NL is still up for grabs.

Just a tidbit from one of baseball’s best reporters, but he is the kind of guy that any fan would love to pick his brain.

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