Reds Discuss Jose Reyes with Mets

Several insiders have reported that the Reds have discussed what it would take to land Jose Reyes from the Mets. To this point, I am unsure how far the talks have progressed and whether the talks are still going on.

New York Mets Jose Reyes reacts after scoring a run in the seventh inning against the San Francisco Giants at Citi Field in New York City on May 9, 2010. UPI/John Angelillo Photo via Newscom

Jose Reyes scores. Image: (Yardbarker)

However, a deal for Reyes would make sense for both teams. The Reds need a leadoff hitter and could look to upgrade over Paul Janish at shortstop. The Mets, on the other hand, are looking for pitching and some depth for their depleted minor league system.

So what would a package for Jose Reyes look like and would Walt Jocketty bite?

The Reds would almost certainly have to give up either Mike Leake, Travis Wood or Homer Bailey. And in addition, the Mets could be looking for two more prospects, one a top tier prospect and another lower level prospect. There has been much discussion regarding which of the three starting pitchers listed above would be most likely to be traded. Leake, I believe, would probably be Walt Jocketty’s last choice with Wood or Bailey going before him.

It is not believed that Jocketty wants to trade Yonder Alonso, and the Mets already have Ike Davis at first base.

The other question mark regarding a potential deal with the Mets is how the Reds would be able to pay Reyes salary and would any subsequent moves follow. Reyes would stretch the Reds budget a bit.

Walt Jocketty continues to negotiate extensions with Johnny Cueto and Joey Votto as Bruce and Arroyo have already been extended. The Reds received a nice break when Arroyo restructured his contract to take a lot of deferred money and money down the line.

Jose Reyes is one of the best leadoff men in baseball when he is healthy. The last two seasons he has had some injury problems, but his speed on the basepaths scares anybody. Having Reyes and Stubbs in the same lineup would put pressure on any defense.

Here is a look at the Reds’ likely lineup with Jose Reyes leading off:

SS-Jose Reyes, 2B-Brandon Phillips, 1B-Joey Votto, 3B-Scott Rolen, RF-Jay Bruce, CF-Drew Stubbs, LF-Jonny Gomes, C-Ryan Hanigan.

The lineup would be deep and a huge weapon for the Reds club that was already tops in the National League last year offensively. Lets be honest, I give this deal a less than 50% chance of happening, but it could be a trade that could push the Reds into the World Series if it did happen.

Go Reds!

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  • Kirk C.

    As a Mets fan and blogger who just wrote about trading Reyes, I could see these teams matching up well. However I don’t think Wood or Bailey would be enough pitching in return for the Mets to move Reyes. I would imagine the deal would have to include Leake and one of Alonso/Mesoraco.

    • Steve Engbloom

      I agree on the matching part. I think two of the three pitchers mentioned and the addition of Mesoraco could do it. I feel that the Reds would not be inclinde for those two to be Leake and Wood. Bailey would most likely be one of the two. As Alex pointed out, with the Mets having Ike Davis, I don’t think Alonso would be a good fit on a potential deal. That is unless Davis could play another position because the Reds have attempted such with Alonso with no success.

      • Jarrod

        IMO, it is absolutely crazy to think that the cash-strapped Reds (or any other team) would be willing to give up TWO young, cost-controlled pitchers with upside, AND Mesoraco, a likely top 50 prospect at the toughest posistion to fill (C), in exchange for one year of a good (not great) SS making $11 million and coming off 2 injury-plagued/subpar seasons

        • Steve Engbloom

          That is a sticking point, Jarrod. The cost. The Reds aren’t in a position to absorb that $11 mill due to Reyes. You also bring up a great point about Reyes being under contract for only one more season. Those two issues alone would certainly shoot down any potential deal. It could result in a “renter’s” situation and I’ve never been a fan of that.

    • shawn d.

      Zack Kozar could also be in the mix

  • Alex Apple

    I could see the Reds attempting to sign Reyes to an extension becuase Id be surprised if Jocketty is willing to part with top prospects for a “rent a player.” If they could resign the SS and defer some of the money then that is the only way that I could see the move being financially feasible as the roster currently stands.

  • Steve Engbloom

    For the record, John Fay tweeted earlier today that Walt Jocketty denies any contact with the Mets regarding Reyes.

  • deeerek

    You mention “subpar” season when referring to Reyes. But, subpar to who? You do realize that in down years, last year and the year before, Reyes was still ranked in the TOP 7 of all SS offensively, and his defense is spoken for. So to give that argument doesn’t make much sense. Yes, he is looking to be paid at the end of the year, probably somewhere in the range of 15 to 17 million. However, given the fact that there are so few good offensive SS available these days and the Reds are coming off of a year that they needed just a little more to go farther in the post season, I could see a deal getting done with a couple of the aforementioned prospects.

  • Mike

    Not a good trade for the reds. The Reds have allot of young talent and they should concentrate on developing that talent. Stubbs has allot of speed but needs to improve his OBP so work with him. Janish has a great glove but a weak bat so work with him.

    • Steve Engbloom

      The “price” the Reds would have to pay to acquire Reyes is most likely too steep, both financially and talent-wise. That being said, I wouldn’t mind a deal if the proper pieces could fall into place. I highly doubt they would. As Alex mentioned in one of his comments here, there would have to be a way for the Reds to extend Reyes. He wants big money after this season. That provides an even bigger roadblock.

      I’m not too worried about Janish’s bat. Although his average isn’t viewed as ideal, he can handle the bat pretty darn good. He might be the Reds best bunter all things considered.

      I would love to see Stubbs develop into a leadoff guy with his combination of speed and pop. He must learn how to bunt just to give opponents something to think about. He must also be more disciplined at the plate. Way too many strikeouts last season.