Greatest Reds of All-Time #6

The sixth greatest Red of all time is…..Dave Concepcion.

Dave Concepcion (Image:

The great shortstop was most importantly the anchor of the Reds defense during the years of the Big Red Machine. Concepcion is now frequently talked about for the Hall of Fame, and he came close to being selected by the Veterans Committee just this week.

Concepcion also played some second base, third base, centerfield, leftfield, and first base for the Reds from 1970-1988. Concepcion played for the Reds his whole career.

Dave Concepcion was a nine time all-star, including every season from 1975-1982. Much different from several other players on the all-time greats list, Dave Concepcion hit over ten home runs only twice in his career, and he never drove in 100 RBI’s or scored 100 runs.

Concepcion’s leadership and defensive prowess were invaluable to the team. He won five gold gloves and was considered one of the best short stops in the game at the time.

There is no need to show a table of Concepcion’s offensive stats, but as the 8th hitter in the Big Red Machine’s lineup, Concepcion averaged 62 RBI’s per year. He is one of only 14 players in history to play more than 2,000 games at shortstop and collect more than 2,000 hits. Concepcion was the perfect complement to Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, and Joe Morgan.

At the recent vote by the Veterans Committee for the Hall of Fame, Johnny Bench said, “”When you think about it, Davey would have won 10 Gold Gloves or more [without Ozzie Smith]. That was what I was trying to convey, and I think I probably swayed some people. Had I not been there, I don’t think Davey would have gotten a quarter of the votes [he got], quite honestly. But I was passionate about it.”

It is quite an honor to receive such high praise from a great ballplayer like Johnny Bench and for these reasons, Concepcion is the 6th greatest Red of all-time.

Go Reds!

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