What to Expect at the Winter Meetings

The Winter Meetings have been baseball’s place of wheeling and dealing for 30 years. They have evolved form GM’s making deals at a hotel bar to GM’s in their suites with their entourages, pouring over spreadsheets and emails.

Each year trades are made and players are signed, and something unexpected happens.

No one knows what that unexpected move will be, but here is what can be expected.

Walt Jocketty, left, and Dusty Baker (Photo:Red Reporter)

Walt Jocketty will reach a deal to bring back super-sub Miguel Cairo, who will probably be used to spell Scott Rolen often this season, so Rolen will be fresh and not so banged up come September.

The Reds will also continue to discuss a contract with Arthur Rhodes agent. Philadelphia may also be targeting the lefty, and how the organization plans to use Aroldis Chapman will probably dictate what kind of offer that the Reds are willing to extend to Rhodes. Prediction: Rhodes is signed to a one year deal.

With Arroyo now extended, the Reds will be able to focus on extending offers to Jay Bruce and Joey Votto. Bruce and Votto have both said that they like Cincinnati, but Bruce has been more forth coming saying that he would like to garner a long-term deal with the team. Expect Walt Jocketty to talk a lot to the agent of Jay Bruce. The deal may not get done by the end of the meetings, but a lot of progress will be made. Prediction: Bruce signs a long term deal this offseason and Votto does not.

Jocketty will undoubtedly be talking with other teams about trades to upgrade the Reds, and with the abundance of starting pitching and organizational depth, the Reds have a chance to make the trades that Walt Jocketty believes would help the club. There has been rumor about the Reds going after Zach Greinke or Brett Gardner, but I would expect Jocketty to go a different route.

Expect the Reds to pull off the kind of deals that go unnoticed by anyone outside of Reds country, but they may very well be deals that give the Reds exactly what they need. Jocketty has seemed to have the magic touch since he arrived in Cincinnati with making the little deal that goes a long way.

For example, the national media did not take much notice with the Scott Rolen trade, and what time they did give to think about the deal, the spent questioning the move and were skeptical of Jocketty. However, that move provided the Reds with the leadership and steady mindset that allowed them to sustain success in 2010.

The Winter Meetings are always interesting and filled with story lines. It is a wonder to me why the Nationals would spend 125 million dollars on Jayson Werth, but that happened, and the meetings haven’t even started yet.
Go Reds

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