AFL Spotlight: Jeremy Horst

Continuing our spotlight on Reds prospects that were playing in the Arizona Fall League. Jeremy Horst, a 6′ 4″, 220 pound lefty from Cheyenne, Wyoming graces the column today.

Horst was originally drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 40th round in the 2004 draft. Horst decided to attend Armstring Atlantic State University in Savannah, Georgia. The Reds selected him in the 21st round in 2007. Looking back at that 2007, it was a good one for the Reds. Not only was Horst a selection, the Reds snagged Devin Mesoraco, Todd Frazier, Kyle Lotzkar, and Zack Cozart.

When you go in the 21st round, how much can people expect? Well, Horst has shown the Reds and their fans that they can expect a bright future.

2007 Billings PION 3 2 3.18 16 39.2 34 15 14 2 22 51 1.412
2007 Reds GULF 0 0 4.50 1 2.0 3 4 1 0 2 4 2.500
2008 Dayton MIDW 8 2 2.38 36 102.0 74 30 27 3 33 110 1.049
2009 Sarasota FLOR 6 13 3.25 23 133.0 136 61 48 15 41 101 1.331
2009 Carolina SOUL 1 4 6.21 5 29.0 35 20 20 7 10 21 1.552
2010 Lynchburg CARL 0 2 4.30 11 14.2 17 8 7 1 4 17 1.432
2010 Carolina SOUL 3 2 2.09 27 43.0 35 13 10 1 9 46 1.023
2010 Louisville IL 1 0 2.51 6 14.1 17 5 4 0 5 12 1.535

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In a recent interview, Horst discussed with Doug Gray of the difference between the roles of a starter and reliever.

Q: This past season you were a reliever again. Did you have to change anything other than the mental side of your game to make that transition from a starter to a reliever?

A: Yes. I had to change my approach to pitching. Being a lefthander, I’m gonna have to be able to get left-handed hitters out on a consistent basis. So this last season I worked hard to develope my slider and it has worked well for me. Coming out of the bullpen and focusing on pitching down and away to leftys, and hard in soft away to the right handed hitters is kind of the overall concept Ive had to try and succeed with.

And Horst resided in the bullpen for almost all of 2010. He adapted well. He also pitched well, too. His arrival in Louisville did provide a couple of shots at starting, but he’s filled the role of a reliever very well. And the 25 yeard old knows what he has to do, too.

But his 2011 goal going forward? Gray presented that question to Horst.

Q: Do you have any goals for the 2011 season?

A: My biggest goal first of all is to make the 40 man roster and go to big league camp. That’s a dream for four years coming now. As far as the season, I hope to make it up to play with the big squad and help them to another postseason showing.

Another playoff appearance would be nice. And just maybe Horst will be a part of it. He did progress three levels last season.

Horst will start 2011 in the minors unless he pulls off a Logan Ondrusek. Being a lefty always provides a certain advantage, too. Of course, with Aroldis Chapman‘s role up in the air and the no real news on the re-signing of Arthur Rhodes, Horst can keep an eye on his prize…the bigs.

We’ll see him. And see him pretty darn soon.

Update: Horst was left off the 40-man roster.

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