Cool Story About Jason Isringhausen

I am telling this story third or fourth hand so, if I get anything wrong I apologize. I heard this story from Lance McAllister on our local sports radio station 1530 am today.

Jason Isringhausen, who was placed on the 15 day disabled list today was the subject on one of his segments today. Isringhausen has been pitching for Triple A Louisville Bats since late July. The Bats had an off day last Thursday and took a riverboat cruise. All of the players, their wives and girlfriends, and all of their children were invited. They took a nice 3 hour cruise up and down the Ohio River. They were served dinner and drinks. It was a private cruise as well. It was heard from the other players that they had an awesome time.

The cool part of the story is that Jason Isringhausen paid for it all. These riverboat cruises aren’t cheap either. I had my wedding reception on one here in Cincy and it was 5000. And, my cruise wasn’t even private. Now, I know Jason has plenty of cash but it’s nice that he took those guys out. I am sure some of the Louisville Bats only make around 30 or 40,000 dollars a year. I just like to hear about stories like this. There are some good athletes still out there.

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