Cueto Receives 7-Game Suspension

Like this is a big surprise. MLB handed down a 7-game suspension of Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto for his involement in the scrum at GABP on Tuesday evening. Reds manger Dusty Baker and Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa were also both served with two-game suspensions. Cueto, Baker and LaRussa were fines an undisclosed amount. If the suspensions are not appealed, they will commence on Friday.

Four other players were fined the famous “undisclosed amount”. The two Reds were second baseman Brandon Phillips and pitcher Russ Springer. The Cardinals receiving fines were pitcher Chris Carpenter and catcher Yadier Molina.

We all knew Cueto was looking at lengthy suspension and he should be. Yes, he was backed into the screen, but to be seen kicking at players by everyone in America …with spikes? I’m actually surprised he didn’t get a couple of more games. On a lighter note, Cueto will only miss one start while he serves his suspension.

And I knew Baker and LaRussa would receive suspensions. They had their yearly tiff, but I honestly don’t believe they should sit two games. Hell, I don’t think they should at all. I know this falls under the “guideline” of “not controlling the team”, but outside of their jawing with each other, can you think of any other reason the suspensions were handed down to those two?

The Reds draw the Florida Marlins for a home weekend series while the Cards play hosts to the Chicago Cubs.

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