Wood Versus Strasburg

Well, I have taken it upon myself to compare our rookie pitcher Travis Freakin Wood versus the one and only Steven Strasburg. No, I am not crazy. I wanted to see how their first starts compared to each other. Now, we know all the hype about Strasburg. And, we heard over and over that he should’ve made the All-Star team after his seven or eight starts. But, I am going to make the case that Wood has had a better start than Strasburg to his career, sans hype.

Before Strasburg went on the disabled list with a bum shoulder he had made nine starts. And, the Reds’ rookie has made seven starts. Travis Wood is a little more than a year older than Strasburg and has been in pro ball since 2005. Strasburg was the number one draft pick last year and was called up in May.

Strasburg is a 6’4, 220 lb monster of a man. Travis is 5’9 and weighs 165. Strasburg throws in he mid-nineties and Wood throws in the high eighties. He has on occasion hit 90 on the radar gun.

These guys don’t resemble each other in any way, shape, or form. But, their success on the mound at the start of their careers are very similar.

Here are their stat lines from the start of their career:

Strasburg is 5-2 and has pitched 54 innings. His ERA stands at 2.32. And, he has struck out 75 hitters. He has 15 walks. His WHIP stands at a stellar 1.067. Those are some outstanding numbers for a rookie. And, he was probably on pace to be the rookie of the year until his shoulder ailment occurred.

So, now let’s check out the Reds’ Travis Freakin Wood’s numbers so far this season. His record stands at 2-1 and he has pitched 45 innings. So, he has 9 fewer innings than Strasburg. Wood has 37 strikeouts which is 38 or so less than Strasburg. Travis isn’t a power or strikeout pitcher. Wood has walked 11 hitters and his WHIP so far this year is 0.880. Wow!!! That is a pitcher that is dominating. And, last but not least Travis Wood’s ERA is 2.42.

So, other than Strasburg having a slightly better record and the strikeout total these guys are having comparable starts to their career. And, just to give my guy some more props, Travis has had 6 of his 7 starts on the road. And, the kid had a perfect game going into the ninth inning against the Philadelphia Phillies. I am very excited about Travis Wood, if you couldn’t tell.

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