Here I Sit All Broken-hearted

Everyone knows or has heard the old bathroom rhyme, Here I sit all broken-hearted. I paid to poop but only farted. Ha ha ha. Well, it is almost 4:00 pm and the MLB trading deadline is soon to expire. And, here I sit all broken hearted.

I see many of the other teams in the pennant races making trades to improve their teams. The Reds need improving, there is no doubt about it. They need help in the form of a leadoff hitter and relief pitching. And, maybe even a veteran who can pinch hit or add that extra experience to the Reds’ young team. But, here I sit all broken hearted.

The Cardinals just traded for Jake Westbrook due to their starting pitching woes. The Padres got a productive offensive outfielde in Ryan Ludwick. The Dodgers got Ryan Theriot and Ted Lilly. The Yankees got Austin Kearns and Lance Berkman. The Twins got Matt Capps. The White Sox received Edwin Jackson. The Devil Rays traded for Chad Qualls. And, to be honest, the teams fighting for the division didn’t mortgage their future for these guys.

I know the Reds owner Bob Castellini and GM Walt Jocketty want to win. They were both part of the Cardinals World Series win a few years ago. But, I want to see a trade. Shake up the troops, change the morale. Anything to spark the Reds on. This is the best chance the Reds have had to win since the mid-nineties. They have had 9 straight losing seasons. And, haven’t been to the playoffs since 1995. I hope these guys don’t rest on their laurels. The Reds need something that is out there. But, here I sit all broken hearted.

I know sometimes that the trades are announced after the deadline and I know they until Sept 1 for waiver wire transfers. But a big trade sends a message to their players, front office, and to the rest of baseball that the Reds are in it to win it. It shows the fans that this is the year and they will do nothing short of making the playoffs.

Here in a month, the Bengals will start playing pre-season games. And, the Reds fans will dwindle unless they are in the race. The fans here will turn so fast to the Bengals it will make your head spin.

The Reds are sold out in all 3 games of this brief homestand. If you the Reds want to keep up this momentum up, they will make a trade.

It’s after 4 pm, and here I still sit all broken hearted.

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