Votto is an All-Star

Justice is served. In the final man online vote, Joey Votto got voted in as the 34th all-star. And deservingly so. The Reds have been promoting and pushing Votto so hard. They offered a free lunch if you came to the stadium to vote for Votto. And, they weren’t even in town.

Walt Jocketty’s daughter got up early on Wednesday and had a sign and stood in the window of the set of Good Morning America. The sign said Vote for Votto.

All of the Reds on Wednesday, wore t-shirts that said Vote for Votto. Scott Rolen came up with the idea. They also wore them under their uniforms during the game. It was a great team unity move, if you ask me. They all support Votto and each other.

They teamed up with the Boston Red Sox to try and get Cincinnati native Kevin Youkilis onto the American League squad. It was promoted on the Cincinnati Reds website as well as the Boston Red Sox website. But Youkilis was not as successful as Votto was. He was defeated by the New York Yankees’ Nick Swisher. He has an injured ankle anyway and may be headed to the disabled list.

Also, the idiot on ESPN Radio, Colin Cowherd, said he had never even heard of Joey Votto. And, he thought he helped pave his driveway last week. He also accused Votto of having inferior stats to Ryan Howard, Adrian Gonzalez, and Albert Pujols. He was then flamed to no end on his radio stations and Tuesday came back to explain himself, badly. Anyway, it definitely brought some much needed attention to the cause.

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