Votto Snubbed

I cannot believe that Joey Votto isn’t an All-Star right now. On July 4th, I was watching the ticker on ESPN and I saw 40-year old Arthur Rhodes made the team. I was so excited as a fan and for Rhodes. I just turned 40 and can’t imagine playing competitive baseball let alone be an all star. Anyway, I frantically started searching to find out the Reds that made the team.

I then came across an article and it was titled, “The Reds Send 3 to the All-Star game.” I was let down because I thought either Brandon Phillips or Scott Rolen didn’t make the team. It never crossed my mind that the man not making the team would be Votto. I was sitting with my Dad and we looked at each other when I told him just shocked to say the least. It is such a travesty that Joey Votto isn’t an All-Star.

I don’t even know where to start stat wise. He has better numbers than all 3 first basemen that are going to the game. Hands down, no debating!!! Of course, Charlie Manuel, the Manager of the National League team, takes Ryan Howard over Votto. And it was expected, due to the idiocy of the way the players are chosen.

Joey Votto can still go the All-Star game if you vote for the fans choice at mlb.com or cincinnatireds.com. But it should never have come to this. The Reds are in first place and should have more all-stars than the rest of the teams in their division.

One last stat I might mention is that since 1952 no player in the top five of batting average, hrs, and rbis has ever been snubbed for the all star game. He is a legit triple crown threat. As I am sitting here typing my blog, Votto just homered to tie Albert Pujols for the league lead.

I want justice so, please vote Votto in!!! There is no one as deserving as this guy.

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