Reds = Little Cuba

The Reds announced the signing of another Cuban defector on Monday. They signed outfielder Felix Perez for a meager 550,000. Perez was too sign with the Yankees in 2009 for 3.5 million but lied about his age. He said he was 20. He was actually 24 at the time. Major League Baseball also suspended him.

“We don’t think he’s going to be a Hall of Famer,” said Tony Arias, the Reds’ director of Latin American scouting. “But we think that he’s an addition that hopefully down the road will be of value to the organization.” Perez has been in the Dominican Republic for more than a year. The Reds have scouted him thoroughly.

“He’s got all five tools,” said Bill Bavasi, vice-president of player development and scouting. “Nothing jumps off the charts. But he’s a baseball rat. He loves to play.” Because Perez is 25, the Reds will fast-track him. “We’re not thinking he’s going to help us this year,” Arias said. “He hasn’t been playing against high-level competition. We’re going to get the visa, get him to Arizona and see where he is.

“I’m sure he’s going to have the same difficulties as Chapman, getting used to living the United States. But I think we’ll be more prepared having the experience with Chapman.” Bavasi thinks Perez will start in Single-A.

The guy must be able to play if the Yanks were going to sign him for so much cash. I guess he will start in Single A and get a taste of minor league ball and then maybe next year play at Triple A. But for the money, hell, give this guy a chance.

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