Reds a Finalist in Aroldis Chapman

There have been multiple reports that the Reds are a finalist to sign the Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman. He is reported to throw 100 mph. That is very rare for a left-handed pitcher to reach that velocity. Other reports have stated that his fastball is his only major league pitch while his curve and changeup aren’t quite ready yet.

I believe this report is a big tease to Reds’ fans. The Blue Jays have offered him 20 million for a 3 year deal. There is no way the Reds will make an investment like that today. They will probably give him a half-ass offer that he will never take. That’s the way our current regime rolls. They talk a great game but when it comes right down to it, they do nothing. It’s just another smokescreen from Castellini. I usually support the owners and GM but its obvious they aren’t going to do anything again.

Our best players for the most part, are homegrown. Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Drew Stubbs, and Homer Bailey all were Reds draft picks. Brandon Phillips came before Jocketty and Castellini and after that there are journeymen and stopgap guys.

The signing of Chapman would solidify the organization as at least trying to win. I challenge them to sign Chapman. Take a chance on him instead of Laynce Nix and Josh Anderson. Try and get an impact guy. I dare you!!

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